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Our large database gives you detailed information about worldwide conferences, categorized into countries and further subdivided into cities.

Our goal is to make it easier for interested participants to find and access relevant events. With a focus on more comprehensive and efficient search feature, we bring you closer to your conference of choice faster and easier than ever.

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Our directory for upcoming conferences includes a complete list of details, including description, venue, maps, prices, the event\'s official website, and more.

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Whether you are a teacher in search of the newest innovations in education, a physician looking to enrich your practice, or an individual wishing to expand your knowledge of global issues, our directory has something significant to your interest and area of expertise.


We list conferences and events related to the following categories:

Medical and Health (health management, healthcare, medical technology, etc.)
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Industry (agriculture, building & construction, electrical and electronics, etc.)
Business (finance, HR, customer service, etc.)
Science (engineering, social sciences, mathematics, earth sciences, etc.)
Services (banking, insurance, tourism, hospitality, etc.)
Education (education development, e-learning, education methods & teaching aids, etc.)
Government (defense, government administration, national development, etc.)
Lifestyle (home & garden, sports & leisure, wedding, etc.)
Arts (photography, performing arts, arts training, literature, drawing & painting, etc.)
Global Issues (disaster, environment)
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As one of the largest online conference directories available today, Conference Locate (Clocate) presents a good starting point for your conference search. In addition to helping organizers reach out to consumers and build new connections, we provide participants with a unique opportunity to enrich their practice as well as their social network.

Browse our directory now for detailed information on worldwide events and conferences. Remember to check the official conference website for possible changes before making any traveling arrangements.